1921 Wortley Terrace, Who was Sophie?


Jeff Walshe, the Society secretary, will provide an insight to where she originally came from, Sophie's life here in Wotton, and what happened at the end.

The 1921 Census illuminates the writer Sophie Gaudier-Brzeska as living in Wortley Terrace, Wotton-under-Edge. 

She arrived in 1917 and left in November 1922 in unfortunate circumstances.Who was Sophie? Where did she come from? Why are people talking about her?

She had an extraordinary life. Sophie Suzanne Brzeska or Sophie Gaudier-Brzeska was a Polish writer and artistic muse most noted for being the companion of the artist Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. A reappraisal of her contribution to literature is being examined and the results appear to be positive.

A new book ( I Also Fight Windmills - Ania Ready) is emerging about Sophie and Essex University is translating her work.

Wotton-under-Edge Civic Centre

2 Gloucester Street, Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 7DN

Friday  27th January 2023 at 7.30pm

     Visitors welcome.


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