• The Berkeley Vale Railway


    Howard Parker will cover the History and Future of the Vale of Berkeley Railway line. Volunteers have been working since 2015 to establish a new heritage railway using the line which runs from Berkeley Road to Sharpness.

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  • 1921 Wortley Terrace, Who was Sophie?


    Jeff Walshe, the Society secretary, will provide an insight to where she originally came from, Sophie's life here in Wotton, and what happened at the end.

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  • How Council houses came about.


    Helen Roberts will enlighten us into the history of council houses in both the UK and locally.

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  • Gloucestershire's Atlantic Slave Trade


    Tony Conder, a Gloucestershire researcher, discusses the involvement of Gloucester and the county estates in both the trade and its abolition.

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  • Lives of Rolls and Royce


    The talk itself focuses on the lives of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, explains how they met and formed the Rolls-Royce Company, why it was (and is) so successful and then follows their stories to the end of their lives in 1910 and 1933 respectively.

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