• England to Demerara in 1803


    Peter Convey-Crump relates a journey from England to Barbados and Demerara and Back in 1803.

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  • Wotton Women in WWII


    David Baird, the Society Curator, relates stories of Wotton-under-Edge women through the dark days of the Second World War or were they?

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  • Wotton Baptist Church - the first 200yrs


    Our speaker, Dennis Wilson, will discuss the impact on the church of the ups and downs of local community life in the 1800s. .

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  • Where is Kingswood Abbey?


    Our President, Prof. Mark Horton will enlighten us on this fine late medieval gatehouse that once led into an important abbey, founded by Cisteian monks in the 12th century. The abbey was closed in 1538 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

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  • Royal Army Medical Corp


    Chris Thompson, a retired member of the Royal Army Medical Corp, will inform us of it's Formation and History.

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  • The Lives of Rolls and Royce


    Roger James will discuss the lives of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, explains how they met and formed the Rolls-Royce Company, why it was (and is) so successful and then follows their stories to the end of their lives in 1910 and 1933 respectively.

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