• Georgian Cirencester


    This talk by Dr Nicholas Herbert, focuses on aspects of the life and livelihood of Cirencester in the Georgian Age when it ranked as the second town of the county of Gloucestershire.

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  • Sweeps to Slaves:Working Children


    Professor Jennifer Tann will provide an insight into how extensive child labour was in Britain with children working as sweeps, in coal mines, in cotton and worsted factories, rural workshops and agriculture.

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  • Pilgrims & Pilgrimage in Gloucestershire


    The speaker, John Putley, will discuss why pilgrims under took their journey, how they travelled, lived on the journey and what they hoped to achieve.

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  • Issac Pitman - 3 years in Wotton


    Our Curator, David Baird, will introduce a young man, a Methodist minister, with a different idea on education that arrives in Wotton-under-Edge to take on the role of Master of the new British School, in three short years he would astound the world!

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