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The Wotton-Under-Edge Historical Society and Heritage Centre is dependent upon support from the community.  One of the best ways to support us is to become a member.


2023 - A minimum donation of £10.00* -period Jan 1st to December 31st. Please contact our membership secretary to join us.

*This donation applies to all volunteers, Trustees, and members. We welcome larger donations which many of our members contribute to support our activities in the Heritage Centre.

Historical Note: Since the disruption caused by the pandemic, the Historical Society took the view that it was important we sustain the membership as much as possible, even though we were closed and unable to offer lectures.

On this basis we retained all members in 2021 by not charging for membership. We also applied the membership-year to run from January 1st to December 31st. (Previous membership was £20.00pp applied anytime in the year). 

In 2022 we charged a minimum donation of £5.00 as we edged back into activity where we could offer a museum that was open and a limited number of lectures. Membership donations are due in late December/early January.

In 2023 we are able to offer a full program of monthly talks (except the summer months as before). The museum is now open for 4 days per week Mon/Tue/Fri/Sat 10.00 to 15.30.  We hope to open for more days, if and when we can recruit enough volunteers.

It is likely we will have to ask to increase our membership donation in 2024 due to increased utility and lecture costs.

Below we have repeated the levels of membership that were applied in the past and attracted numerous benefits to the being a member of the Society. We are not able to offer any benefits at this time due to the current financial climate but would welcome high level members to join us.

Life Membership           In the gift of the Trustees - no donations required.

Associate Membership                 £75 pp

Contributing Membership             £200 pp

Sponsor                                           £500 pp

Donor                                              £1000 pp

Patron                                             £2000 pp

 You can purchase a membership at the Heritage Centre.  In addition, you can request a form through the post or by emailing our membership secretary at

We are always looking for more volunteers to help us run the Heritage Centre. If you are interested in volunteering at the Centre, please select this link for more information.


The Historical Society

If you are interested in local or family history and want to meet others with similar interests, The Historical Society and Heritage Centre is the organisation to join. By becoming a member you will also be able to attend our lectures as well as participate in the many social events, excursions and other activities we sponsor throughout the year. In addition you will receive our annual journal and newsletters.

Please visit the Society page to find out more.